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Combo Plate (r=8) 8.95 (l=12) $13.00

Mozzarella Sticks, chicken tenders, hot wings and French fries

Chicken tenders… $8.50

Fresh hand breaded chicken tenderloins deep fried to a golden brown

Buffalo tenders… $8.99

Our chicken tenders covered in “hot steam engine sauce” to add some fuel to your fire!

Deep fried wings… (r=8) $9.95 (l=12) $11.95

Plain or barbecue

Mike’s hot wings… (r=8) $9.95(l=12) $11.95

Our “hot steam engine sauce” flavors these wings to give you the perfect bite!

Mozzarella sticks… $6.95

Lightly seasoned and breaded mozzarella cheese 

Jalapeno poppers… $6.95

Breaded jalapenos stuffed with cheddar cheese

Quesadilla… $7.95

Cheese, onions and peppers folded inside of a large tortilla

+ ADD seasoned chicken or beef +$2.95

Fried mushrooms… $6.95

Hand breaded mushrooms fried to golden brown


Onion rings… $6.95

Hand battered onion rings and deep fried to perfection

French fries (hand cut)… (Plain) $4.95

(Chili & Cheese) $6.95

(Cheese & Bacon) $6.95

(Gravy & cheese) $5.95 (Hamburger, Gravy & Cheese) $8.95


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